Sunday, July 20, 2014

[Single] Slim Fooleon - ReRuns

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Artists: Slim Fooleon

Producer: The Lottery

Song: ReRuns

Versions: Radio - Explicit

Beats Per Minute: 85 Kbps: 320

Album/Mixtape/EP/Single: Coming Soon
General Comments: Today, residing in Palm Beach Florida, Balmy Joseph is better known as Slim Foolie Fooleon, he was dubbed slim from his life on the streets, he was always the skinniest. Fooleon means foolish, he calls himself an ‘all around fool.’ In one year he has accomplished dropping three mixtapes, all in which received a buzz in the indie music scene: Traptune1 Jan.1, Traptune2 Feb 14, and TrapTune3 May 9th. rnSlim is excited about his upcoming projects, one being a short film based around his song Circles. Slim brings the drive and power combined with an undeniable talent most young artists are lacking in the industry today. He has not decided when he is going to drop any of his new projects, but he is more than confident in the success they will bring.rn

Contact: Breezy Says

Label: Snatch ENT

Phone: 8006131593

City: Miami State: FL



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