Tuesday, July 29, 2014

***NEW MUSIC*** HOU$E - Never Going Broke

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HOU$E - Never Going Broke
Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes announce the release of the “Never Going Broke” Single by HOU$E. His newest single is currently available for download on the Coast 2 Coast website. “Never Going Broke” was produced by Diamond Style Productions and recorded and mixed by Lowz.
Terry House, aka Hou$e was born in Norfolk, Virginia and was first introduced to hip-hop while attending Young Park Elementary School at age 10. Some classmates were beating on the lunch table to the "Black Rob Whoa" beat, and even though he thought of a rap to go with it, Hou$e was too shy at the time to contribute. Influenced by artists like Nas, 2pac, and Cash Money, Hou$e worked on perfecting his lyrical capability by rhyming words, writing poetry, and telling stories. After being introduced to instrumentals in middle school, Hou$e then possessed the other half of making his lyrics into songs. Hou$e has now recorded 100+ songs, 4 mixtapes, 100+ cyphers, performed a show, and has completed multiple music videos.
In his new single “Never Going Broke”, Hou$e pulls from his own experiences and struggles and puts together a movie for listeners everywhere. He identifies himself with an urban street life, and hustling in the streets in order to provide for himself. This single is a combination of southern flow, heavy bass, and a sonorous style. Hou$e maintains his optimism of overcoming the hardships and road-blocks to become the successful artist he’s wanted to be. Keep up with Hou$e and his latest music on twitter at @23nevabroke.
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