Friday, July 25, 2014

Damond Blue - The Golden Era

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Damond Blue - The Golden Era
Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes announce the release of the “The Golden Era” mixtape by Damond Blue. This 15 track project is currently available for download. The mixtape is a collection of freestyles from Damond during the time when he was educating himself on music.
Damond M. Blue, a native to Baltimore’s Eastside where most youths are drawn into the violence and drugs in the streets. Losing his father at the tender age of three, Damond channeled his emotions into writing music rather than anger. As he grew older he was drawn to the lifestyle of the streets, nice clothes, cars, women, and it wasn’t until he witnessed the death of a close friend that it all changed. He became an overnight star in his hometown when he made it to the finals at the local battle “Style Wars”. Since then he has worked on feature projects with local celebs like Caddy Da Don, Bossman, KG, Mullyman, 100 Grandman, and Comp.
“The Golden Era” was originally just something Blue was doing for fun, to help educate himself on his predecessors and eventually turned into enough material for an entire mixtape. It has since become a collection of freestyles, combined with classic hip-hop beats, and recollections of the impoverished urban land Damond Blue hails from. A direct correlation between his lyrical mastermind and his life experiences can be drawn using the lines of his mixtape. Blue’s goal is not only to reach out to the millions of hip-hop and R&B listeners but also for “a person to hear [him] on a song and automatically know it’s [him] after a matter of seconds. Now a days everyone sounds the same and no one is unique anymore; [he] feels like [he] fills that void.” Determined to make it to the top, Damond Blue keeps grinding to put out more material and get his name out there. But you can listen to his newest music by following him on twitter at @damondblue1
01. Quiet Storm
02. Rockwilder
03. Where I'm From
04. Unbelievable
05. Bring The Pain
06. Sizzurp
07. Back Dat Ass Up
08. Take It To The House
09. Twinz
10. Victory
11. Cold World
12. Reminisce
13. Halftime
14. Out The Mud
15. Blood Diamonds (BONUS)
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