Saturday, June 28, 2014

[New Mixtape] @MIXTFB "House Party"

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[New Mixtape] @MIXTFB "House Party"

To the average fan of urban music, the term ?house party? conjures up images of 1990 coming of- age comedy starring Golden Era rap duo Kid N Play, Martin Lawrence and the late Robin Harris. Now two decades later, the celebration continues through the music of Orlando, Fla.- based neophyte rapper Mix?T also known as FB Flyboii Quis. And he is well on his way to bringing those good times back with his five-song debut EP entitled House Party. The EP, which is fueled by his leading single ?Gigolo,? is set to release early summer. ?House Party is a collection of music that is fun, energetic and it will definitely keep you moving,? says Mix?T. ?I?m targeting carefree people who have been through hard times and understand that there is always a brighter side. There?s nothing wrong with laughing and having fun.?
Mix T - House Party  Front
"This Is My Story" Official Video
mixt interview
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